Global South Lecture Series: Lecture 1 | The Changing World Order and Its Significance for the Global South Part 1 | Tim Niblock

On October 28, 2019, Prof. Tim Niblock, Member of Faculty Council at the Institute of International and Area Studies (IIAS) of Tsinghua University and Professor Emeritus of the University of Exeter, brought the theme lecturer of “The Changing World Order and Its Significance for the Global South” to IIAS, which is the first session of the Global South Lecture Series in this semester.

In the lecture, Prof. Niblock analyzed the impact of changes in the world order on the countries and regions of the Global South from the macro perspective of politics, economics, and society.

He gave examples and reviewed the impacts and challenges of China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging countries on the current world order. After that, he further explored the weakening effect of international leadership and alliance system caused by the internal changes of the United States.

Afterwards, Professor Niblock and the audience discussed the changing trends of the global order and the cognition of Thucydides trap.

Finally, he encourages the doctoral students present to further think about the various effects of changes in the global order on the areas studied.

By Cheng Yao & Wang Tingyi