Chinese Studies Forum: Lecture 1 | The First Session of IIAS Chinese Studies Forum Delivered by Prof. Liu Dong

On the morning of March 16, 2019, a workshop with the theme of “Western Echoes of Confucius Thoughts” was successfully held at Conference Room 205 of the Central Main Building of Tsinghua University. Prof. Liu Dong from the Institute of Chinese Studies of Tsinghua University presented an exciting and informative feast of Chinese studies to more than 20 doctoral students from the Institute of International and Area Studies (IIAS) of Tsinghua University. It was also the first sessiono f IIAS Chinese Studies Forum in 2019.

Focusing on the theme of “Western Echoes of Confucius Thoughts”, Prof. Liu Dong reviewed the spread of Confucius Thoughts among Western missionaries, philosophers and sinologists based on the framework of the Axis Age, and guided the students to understand this philosopher’s real contribution and to look at the future direction of human civilization.

In the lecture, Prof. Liu Dong made detailed expositions from ancient Greece to the Renaissance, from the Four Books and Five Classics to contemporary Sinology, to outline the historical context of the spread of Confucian thoughts on a global scale for the audience. After the lecture, the students actively asked questions and interacted with Prof. Liu at the site, which greatly benefited every participant.

The Chinese Studies Forum is an important part of the training of doctoral students at IIAS. The Forum invites Chinese studies scholars to give small workshops in the form of a series of lectures, aiming to deepen the students’ understanding of Chinese history and culture and improve their level of area studies. There are a total of 8 session of Chinese Studies Forums in 2019, and Prof. Liu Dong will plan and preside over the program.