Academic Journals

In late 2022 and early 2023, the IIAS will launch its journals Area Studies, Tsinghua Journal of Field Research, and South Asian Review. To serve the development of area studies as first-level discipline, Area Studies aims to provide a high-level academic exchange platform for area studies scholars to discuss research topics, theories, and methods. It will thus contribute to the current literature on area studies through a topic-oriented approach. Tsinghua Journal of Field Research examines field research methods and theories that span a range of disciplines and topics, and explores the long-term development of the area studies field through field research that values both basic research and diversity, and contributes to the advancement of area studies. With the aim of serving both the nation and society, South Asian Review will publish scholarly works on a range of topics within South Asian studies, including language, literature, history, culture, religion, and society. The journal will showcase the state of research in the field of South Asian studies, and lead research trends in the field.