2024 Admission Prospectus (Doctorate)— Institute for International and Area Studies of Tsinghua University

2024 Admission Prospectus to be updated

The Institute for International and Area Studies of Tsinghua University’s (IIAS-THU) doctoral program’s admission adopts an application & review system. Applicants who meet eligibility for application in Tsinghua University Graduate Enrollment Guide and other relevant implementing regulations can submit relevant materials. The admission working group will determine a comprehensive appraisal name list based on comprehensive assessment results of candidates’ application materials. After the comprehensive appraisal, outstanding candidates will be recommended for tentative acceptance.

Launched in 2011, the Doctoral Program in Developing Country Studies (DCS) of Tsinghua University seeks to train researchers to undertake in-depth research on developing countries or regions, making use of international perspectives and approaches, and a thorough understanding of state-of-the-art academic theories and methodologies. As a multi-disciplinary doctoral program with a focus on social sciences and humanities, the DCS targets at doctoral candidates who have a strong research interest in studying developing countries or regions, and who aspire to pursue a career in studying one of these countries. Training in professional courses at home and abroad and long-term field studies in foreign countries will enable doctoral students in the program to gain deep understanding of a certain aspect – be it politics, economy, culture, or diplomacy of the target country or region, and to obtain the ability to deliver high-level research outputs. All doctoral students receive a full scholarship from the program, including funding for studying at home and abroad and subsidies for academic activities.

In the first year or two, students will take courses at Tsinghua University. After that, they will study and research specific developed countries and target countries. Then, they need to return to Tsinghua University at least half a year in advance to finish their doctoral dissertations and attend the dissertation defense. Specifically, students will spend no less than two years studying in developing countries and no less than half a year in developed countries. Doctoral candidates will enjoy individual training plans determined by the mentor team and the program based on student’s educational background and research interests.