Anthropology Lecture Series: Lecture 4 | Anthropological Reflection | Prof. Jing Jun

On November 14, 2019, Prof. Jing Jun from the Department of Sociology of Tsinghua University gave a lecture on “Anthropological Reflection” at the Institute of International and Area Studies (IIAS) of Tsinghua University, which is the 4th lecture of “Anthropology Lecture Series”.

First of all, Prof. Jing Jun used Malinowski’s diary, Paul Rabinau’s fieldwork and postmodernist anthropology as examples to describe the reflection of Western anthropology, and pointed out the definition of cultural criticism and the blind spots in the reflection of Western anthropology.

Second, he explained the doubts and rebuttals of third world anthropology, including the reflections of Li Anzhai, Xu Hongguang, Fei Xiaotong, Wang Zhusheng, Han Zhongtai and Wu Fei on Western and indigenous anthropological research.

Finally, Prof. Jing Jun explained that the post-modernity of contemporary Chinese anthropology and the development of disciplines upholds the spirit of inheritance and innovation. Taking the action anthropology research of preventing suicide of the elderly as an example, he also reviewed the integration of theory and action to construct a life community.

By Ji Ruobing & Cheng Yao