Area Studies


Area Studies is a comprehensive journal published by the Commercial Press under the sponsorship of the Institute for International and Area Studies of Tsinghua University. It carries collections of academic research papers, with two volumes published annually. This journal serves the development of area studies as first-level discipline, aims to provide a high-level academic exchange platform for scholars on area studies through discussions on the research objects, topics, theories and methodologies of area studies, and accumulates new knowledge on area studies through topic-oriented approach.

The journal has four featured columns: Special Theme, History and Geography, Field Investigation as well as Comments and Debates. The “Special Theme” column deeply explores common topics in area studies, and publishes specific original research papers that involve multiple countries and disciplines. The “History and Geography” column focuses on the temporal and spatial elements in area studies, with both depth in historical dimension and breadth in the geographical sense. The column of “Field Investigation” focuses on the empirical elements of area studies, involving the four dimensions of fieldwork: methodology, theory, reflection and practice. The column of “Comments and Debates” provides a platform for scholars on area studies to discuss and debate on specific academic viewpoints, methods or theories in the forms including but not limited to commentaries and book reviews.