Field Observation


The Fieldwork Observation is a special column on our official WeChat account of the Institute for International and Area Studies (IIAS), Tsinghua University. It hereby calls for manuscripts from all faculty members and students of the institute, as well as external scholars with more than one year fieldwork experience in developing countries recommended by faculty of IIAS.

The Fieldwork Observation aims to reproduce the picture of fieldwork life from the perspective of area studies scholars, with a focus on readability, knowledge or enjoyment. It shall embody certain academic and thoughtful contents for area studies researchers and the general public interested in developing countries or areas to appreciate.

The scope of this column is inclusive and pluralistic, including the process, methods, and theories in the fieldwork of Area studies; it can be based on empirical information, interesting field stories, field notes, methodological reflections on fieldwork and theoretical reflections on fieldwork, or other reflections and critiques on fieldwork. For example, study visits stories in developed/developing countries, community observations, fieldwork essays, life lessons of fieldwork, fieldwork stories, interesting fieldwork stories, fieldwork notes, fieldwork life trivia in developing countries, or observations and reflections on a hot topic or a major issue in a certain area, etc.

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Issue 1 Table of Contents

No. Author Title
01 Li Yuqing A Firefly Drifted into My Room
02 Fu Congcong Changing Symbol of Meru-roof Mosque in Malacca: A Field Reflection
03 Liu Lanyu Gold Coin Phenomenon:Buying Gold Coin in Iran
04 Xu Peiyuan My Chilean Grandmothers and Landlords
05 Ding Chenxi The Hidden Corner: The Visibility of Transgressions and Self-censorship in Moroccan Society
06 Ma Yue What is the Experience of Attending a Traditional UAE Wedding?
07 Guo Xunyu Painting and Colors: An American Town in the Pandemic and Protest
08 Qi Tengfei Trapped Stories in Kenya Custom and Law Court
09 Wang Tao Tradition and Modernity: Looking for the “Nomadic Factor” in Kyrgyz Society
10 Xie Weining Tradition or Crime: Bride Kidnapping —— a Social Myth in Kazakhstan
11 He Yan Unveiling the Mystery of Jaffna Peninsula: From Bullet Holes to Moderization
12 Li Lianxing The Evolution of the “Ibadan School”: A Dialogue in the Field
13 Xiao Qijia A Chinese Girl’s Barbecue Business in Tanzania(Part 1)
14 Lei Dingkun Fortunate in Misfortune: A Rebirth after a Car Accident
15 Wang Shiao First Time in the Andes: A Short Visit to Bogotá
16 Feng Lida The First Field Study: A Journey to the NYARUGUSU Refugee Camp in Tanzania

Issue 2 Table of Contents

No. Author Title
01 Yang Chongsheng Linguistic Observation and Effective Communication in the Fieldwork in South Africa
02 Wang Shujian Encountering Africa in Paris: My Hausa Training in France
03 Li Yin Is Mexico a Dangerous Country?——Rethinking Public Safety and Its Governance
04 Jiang Yuan Field Notes: Tigray Region, Peaceful Once
05 Jiang Qi The Varieties of Morocco’s Society
06 Gao Liangmin A Charming “Other”: The Story of My Tanzanian Landlord
07 Liu Lanyu Iranian Personalism: Doing Anything outside the Family
08 Liang Kongkong Supra——Getting into Traditional Georgian Feast
09 Yuan Mengqi Everyone Deserves a “Techo”: My Experience of Building Home for Those in Need in Argentina
10 Liu Boyu The City of God: Field Notes from Rio de Janeiro
11 Tang Xiyuan The Story of a Field Survey in the Southern Industrial Zone of Yaounde, Cameroon
12 Xiong Xinghan From the End of the World to the Past Days of Games: the Basketball Memories in France, USA and Madagascar
13 Xiao Qijia A Chinese Girl’s Barbecue Business in Tanzania(Part 2)
14 Zeng Jiahui A Land under Thousands of Gods

Issue 3 Table of Contents

No. Author Title
01 Tang Yongyan “Beep Paging”and“Uncle Potato” in Cuba
02 Gao Liangmin Hometown Sentiments: The Other Side of the HIV/AIDS‘s Story in Tanzania
03 Zhu Fangfang Time, Reality and Fear in Maldives Islands
04 Xiao Qijia Ideal Business: The Chinese Presence in Tanzania’s Tourism Industry
05 Mei Hualong A Hebrew Major and His Family in East Jerusalem: A 9-month Adventure
06 Liu Boyu Nomads under the Dark Starry Sky-The Stories of Two Young Brazilians
07 Li Jiafang Why the Malawians Are not Willing to Wear Masks to Prevent and Control
the Pandemic of COVID-19 ?
08 Zhou You My Impression of Kyiv: Between Russia and the West
09 Wang Lingqi Asking for Directions in West Bengal
10 Li Guaiqiong When Dar es salaam City Encountered with COVID-19
11 Duan Jiuzhou From Cairo to Addis Ababa: Observation on Ethiopian Renaissance Dream
from Multiple Perspectives.

Issue 4 Table of Contents

No. Author Title
01 Liu Lanyu Like Someone on the Road toWar
02 Gao Liangmin The Story of a TanzanianFemale Colleague
03 Yuan Mengqi Culture and Traditions of Yerba Mate from Argentina
04 Qi Tengfei One Railway One Country-KenyaRailway and Colonial Reminiscences
05 Wang Keke The Days of A Chinese Girl atNeruda Poetry Club-Bridge of China-Chile
Literary Exchange*
06 Xie Weining Kazakhstan’s Fight AgainstCOVID-19: Prejudice and Pride
07 Yao Ying Experiencing Myanmar’sDemocratic Transition from within: Volunteer
Teaching at the University ofYangon
08 Yang Guang “Stomach” away from Home: TheStranger in Chengdu and Tel Aviv
09 Tang Xiyuan Between Imagination andReality-A Research Trip about Investing in Gabon
10 Wang Tingyi Kingdom of Religion: Salahand Ramadan in Saudi Arabia
11 Shi Jing Impression Kura River: AMeander into Caucasus Landscape
12 Ke Liya Police Stories: A KazakhstanVersion
13 Tang Yongyan The Remodeled Cuban Cuisineand A Gourmet in Cuban Kitchen (Part 1)
14 Fu Congcong Interethnic Relations,Reproduction and Globalization: HainaneseChicken
Rice from Southeast Asia (Part 1)

Issue 5 Table of Contents

No. Author Title
01 Xiong Xinghan Greeting Cards, Notebooks and Reflection on Fieldwork Ethics
02 Li Gaominghui Beirut in the Dark
03 Yao Ying Learning by Doing: Performing   Survey Experiments in Myanmar
04 Shi Jing Once Upon a Time in Moscow
05 Gao Liangmin From Warrior to Watchman: My   brother of Maasai’s story in Tanzania
06 Liu Bei International Volunteer’s Social   Work in Laos: Bonding Emotion with Natives
07 Duan Jiuzhou Palestinian-Israeli conflict   through the prism of Harvard: Between campus and field
08 Li Yuqing Journey to Utopia ——A   Workers’ Village in Thailand
09 Dong Hui Mixed Language in a Small   Society: Observations and Practices on the Linguistic Ecology of a Chinese   Company’s Camp in the DRC
10 Fu Congcong Interethnic Relations,   Reproduction and Globalisation: Hainanese   Chicken Rice from Southeast Asia (Part 2)
11 Tang Yongyan The Remodeled Cuban Cuisine and   a Gourmet in Cuban Kitchen (Part 2)

Issue 6 Table of Contents

No. Author Title
00 Editorial Office Preface – Conducting fieldwork: Area Studies scholars return to the Global South.
01 Gao Liangmin How I arrived at the Other’s world in an uncertain context of COVID-19
02 Zhang Renye My Field Work on the Way to Uganda
03 Wang Shujian My First Experience of Field Research in Lagos
04 Zhao Liang The Dream of Annapurana: an honored experience on financing the Porkhara International Airport Project
05 Xia Fangbo My Story of Battling Noise in Jakarta
06 Feng Lida First impressions of Ghana: the diverse Accra