Liangxiang Forum

2020-2021 Autumn Term

“Though separated by mountains, we share the same clouds and rain. The bright moon belongs not to a single town” (verse from “Seeing Off Imperial Censor Chai” by Tang Dynasty poet Wang Changling).

“The country where we live for a long time may feel like our hometown. The place where we live for a long time will be regarded as our hometown” (verse from “Seeking Hometown” by Tang Dynasty poet Huang Xiao).

The Institute for International and Area Studies of Tsinghua University is seeking to build an academic platform where distinguished scholars of Area Studies can present and exchange ideas on the construction and development of Area Studies. Among topics for discussion are the experience of Area Studies research, the theories used in disciplinary studies, and the application of theories to the realities of research in developing countries. Starting from the 2020 Fall semester, for this purpose, the IIAS is initiating the “Liangxiang* Forum”. It aims to bring analytical insights and ideological enlightenment to the field, emphasizing the multi-disciplinary, multi-paradigm, multi-perspective and multi-viewpoint dimensions.

Liangxiang Forum Session 1 | The War of Founding a Nation: The Korean War and China’s Decision-making

Liangxiang Forum: Session 2 | Understanding India

Liangxiang Forum: Session 3 | Saudi Arabia and the Rise and Fall of Political Islam

Liangxiang Forum: Session 4 | Livelihood and Life in Rural Thailand under Rapid Economic Growth: From the Perspective of Comparative Studies in Southeast Asia

Liangxiang Forum: Session 5 | The War for Palestine Twenty Years On: The Debate About 1948 Continues

Liangxiang Forum: Session 6 | Area Studies: The Scope and Value of Comparison Across Asia, Latin America and Africa