Ma Yue

Ma Yue
Assistant Professor

Academic Qualifications: Doctoral Degree
Languages: Chinese, English, Arabic, Persian (Elementary)
Research Countries/Regions: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Gulf Region
Research Areas: Comparative Law, Islamic Financial Law, Legal Systems of the Gulf States

Education Background

  • B.A. in Arabic, Northwest Minzu University
  • M.A. in Asian and African Languages and Literatures, Peking University
  • Ph.D. of Law, Tsinghua University

Academic Visiting

  • 2017.8-2019.6 Visiting Scholar, College of Law, UAE University

Academic Papers

  • Y. Ma, “Early Attempt at the Codification of Civil Code in the Middle East — Comment on the Ottoman Civil Code”, Journal of Modern Rule of Law, 2020, no. 3: pp. 17-30.
  • B. Ma, Y. Ma, “A Review of Arabic Literature on Chinese Muslim Scholars’ Propaganda of Resistance Against Japan”, Chinese Muslims, 2021, vol. 17, no. 4: pp. 77-83.

Area Observation and Commentary

  • Y. Ma, “A Review of the UAE’s Recent Legal Reforms and Their Impact”, Area Observation, 2021, no. 2.
  • Y. Ma, “The Gradual Improvement of the Modernization of Islamic Law: An Observation Based on Saudi Legal Reform”, Rule of Law Discussion, 2021.09.

Research Projects Participated

  • Research on the Impact of Islamic Law on Muslims in Northwest China (Research Project of National Social Science Fund, Project No. 17CFX005);
  • Collection, Collation and Study of Arabic Translations Published Overseas by Modern Chinese Scholars (Research Project of National Social Science Fund, Project No. 17CTQ019).

Academic Conferences

  • 2016.12 Youth Forum on Comparative Law, “A Preliminary Exploration of the Mut’a Marriage in Shi’ite Islamic Law” (with paper presentation).
  • 2021.7 2nd Tsinghua Area Studies Forum, “Legal Risks in Sukuk Transactions: An Observation Based on the Dana Gas Default Case” (with paper presentation).
  • 2021.11 Annual Conference of the Comparative Law Research Society of the Chinese Law Society, “An Exploration of the Islamic Financial Legislation and Regulatory System in the UK” (with paper).