Meng Ke

Meng Ke
Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

Education Background

Doctor of Philosophy in Social Policy, Oxford University, 2015
• Master of Science in Public Policy and Management (Research), London School of Economics and Political Science, 2009
• Bachelor of Management in Government Management, Yuanpei College, Peking University, 2008

Professional Experience

• Associate Professor of School of Public Policy and Management and Schwarzman Scholars, Tsinghua University, 2020-present
• Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, 2015-2019

Research Interest

Political economics (CPE & IPE), international relations, social policy and public policy


Sociology II (PhD), Qualitative Research Methods II (PhD), Comparative Public Policy (PhD), Sociology & Social Policy (MID/SDG, English), Global Affairs (Schwarzman Scholars, English), Research Methods (Schwarzman Scholars, English)

Honors & Awards

• Champion (Top of 1st Prize) of the 11th Basic Teaching Skills Competition (Social Science) in Beijing, 2019
• Outstanding Paper Award (Top of 1st Prize) of Shanghai Sociological Association 2019 Annual Conference, 2019
• Outstanding Paper Award of the 10th Anniversary of Public Administration Review and the 3rd Young Scholars Forum, 2019
• Outstanding Staff of the Year, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, 2018
• 2nd Prize of the 8th Young Teachers' Teaching Contest at Tsinghua University (Liberal Arts Ideological and Political Group), 2018
• 1st Zhongying Young Scholars, 2016

Research Achievements

Ke Meng, 2019, China's Pension Reforms: Political Institutions, Skill Formation, and Pension Policy in China, Routledge.

(1) Political economics

• Meng Ke, 2019, The Great Transformation of the "Double Movement": Specialized Skilled Labor, Selective Immigration Policy and the Rise of Populist Parties (“双重运动”的大转型:专用型技能劳工,选择性移民政策和民粹主义政党的崛起), Journal of Tsinghua University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition), 2.
• Wang Xiaoyang & Meng Ke, 2019, The Rise, Development and Establishment of Discipline Status of Western Financial Geography (西方金融地理学的兴起、发展和学科地位的建立), Economic Geography, 3.
• Wang Xiaoyang & Meng Ke, 2019, Economic Globalization, Global Financial Crisis and China: A Perspective of Financial Geography (经济全球化、全球金融危机与中国:一个金融地理学的视角), Progress in Geographical Science, 10.
• Meng Ke & Ling Zheng, 2019, Ethnic Group, Class or Occupation: Analysis of Voting Behaviors of Democratic Progressive Party Voters (族群、阶级还是职业:民进党选民的投票行为分析), Taiwan Research Journal, 4.
• Ling Zheng & Meng Ke (corresponding author), 2018, Skill Propriety and Voting Behaviors: Research Based on Taiwan (技能专有性与投票行为:基于中国台湾地区的研究), Taiwan Research Journal, 6.
• Meng Ke, 2017, Transformation of Employment-Birth Relationship and Rise of Double-Salary Family Policy: Looking at China's Family Policy in the Era of “Two Children” Based on the Experience of Developed Countries (“就业—生育”关系转变和双薪型家庭政策的兴起:以发达国家经验看我国“二孩”时代家庭政策), Sociological Research, 5.
• Meng Ke, 2017, Research on Capitalist Diversity and Public Policy (资本主义多样性与公共政策研究), Public Management Review, 3.
• Meng Ke, 2016, Skills Exclusiveness, Welfare State and European Integration: Political Economy of Brexit (技能专有性,福利国家和欧洲一体化:脱欧的政治经济学), World Economy and Politics, 9.

(2) International relations

• Xiao He & Meng Ke (corresponding author), 2019, Asymmetric Competition Strategy in Thucydides Trap (“修昔底德陷阱”中的不对称竞争战略), International Political Science, 1.
• Meng Ke, 2019, Centripetal Movement: Imbalance and Rebalance of International Political and Economic Order (向心运动:国际政治经济秩序的失衡与再均衡), Beijing Culture Review, 8.
• Meng Ke, 2018, Beyond the Second Image of Reversal – The Military Origin of Inter-State War, Individual Social Mobility and Welfare State (超越反转的第二意象——国家间战争、个体社会流动和福利国家的军事起源), World Economy and Politics, 7. (The full text was reprinted in Issue 10 of International Politics in 2018, a digest of journal materials published by Renmin University of China)
• Meng Ke, 2018, Sino-US Friction and Thucydides Trap (中美摩擦与修昔底德陷阱), Beijing Cultural Review, 12.

(3) Social policy and public policy

• Yu Cao, Ke Meng (corresponding author), et al., 2019, From Decentralization to Integration: the Development of Social Welfare Services for Disabled Veterans in China, Disability & Society (SSCI), 34:6.
• Kun Tang, Yaqian Liu, Ke Meng, et al., Breastfeeding Duration of Different Age Groups and Its Associated Factors Among 300,000 Chinese Women: A Cross-sectional Study, International Breastfeeding Journal (SCI), 2019, 14:19.
• Meng Ke & Wang Peijie, 2019, Paradigm Shift of Policy Science: From Classical Policy Science to Behavioral Policy Science (政策科学的范式转移:从经典政策科学到行为政策科学), China Public Policy Review, Volume 15.
• Meng Ke, 2018, From Welfare State to Welfare System: Enlightenment to China's Social Policy Innovation (从福利国家到福利体系:对中国社会政策创新的启示), Guangdong Social Sciences, 4.
• Meng Ke & Hua Ran, 2018, Social Security Burden and Economic Development: Evidence from Post-War Global Economic Growth (社保负担与经济发展:来自战后全球经济增长的证据), Public Management Review, 3.
• Meng Ke & Wang Peijie, 2018, Social Governance System Centered on Social Policy (以社会政策为中心的社会治理体系), Public Administration Review, 5.
• Meng Ke, 2016, Industrial Policy Should Follow Economic System: Also on Where China's Industrial Policy Should Go (产业政策应该跟随经济制度:兼论中国产业政策向何处去), Public Management Review, 2.
• Meng Ke, 2015, Complementarity of Social Policies and Immigration Policies: A Political and Economic Explanation of the European Refugee Crisis in 2015 (社会政策和移民政策的互补性:一个对2015年欧洲难民危机的政治经济学解释), Public Administration Review, 3.

(4) Social science methodology

• Meng Ke & Li Shuoyan, 2019, Case-based Methodology in Public Management Research: A Misunderstanding and Two Inheritance (公共管理研究中的案例方法:一个误区和两种传承), China Administration, 9.

Academic Conferences

• Meng Ke, 2019, Becoming Herself: Individualization of Chinese Women and Formation of Low Fertility Desire, Keynote Speech, Symposium on Public Economics and Social Security (成为她自己:中国女性的个体化与低生育意愿的形成), Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou.
• Meng Ke, 2017, War Mobilization, Sacrifice and Redistribution: Military Origin of Welfare State (战争动员、牺牲与再分配:福利国家的军事起源), Keynote Speech, 2nd Symposium on Comparative Public Administration/Policy Research and Teaching, Fudan University, Shanghai.
• Meng Ke, 2017, Potential Results Framework: A Social Science Methodology Framework Integrating Experiments, Regression and Qualitative Methods (潜在结果架构:一个整合实验、回归和质性方法的社会科学方法论框架), Presentation, Experimental Social Policy Workshop, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou.
• Meng Ke, 2016, Tentacles of Leviathan: Knowledge System of Comparative Public Policy (利维坦的触手:比较公共政策的知识体系), Presentation, 1st Symposium on Comparative Public Management/Policy Research and Teaching, Renmin University of China, Beijing.

Media Review
• Meng Ke, 2019, Read Three Books, Weave Two Networks, Be One Person (读三本书,织两张网,做一个人), Tsinghua University News Online, Html.
• Meng Ke, 2019, Facing China's Problems and Telling Good Chinese Stories (直面中国问题 讲好中国故事), Tsinghua University News Online, Html.
• Meng Ke, 2019, Institutional Advantages and Governance Efficiency (制度优势与治理效能), China Daily Online, Html.
• Meng Ke, 2019, Scientific Thought Answers the Proposition of the Times (科学思想回答时代命题), China Daily Online,
• Meng Ke, 2019, Neo-liberalism: Intensifying Non-freedom in the Name of Freedom (新自由主义:以自由之名加剧不自由), Xinmin Evening News (October 31),
• Meng Ke, 2018, Grasp the Opportunity of Social Insurance Fee Collection Reform and Accelerate Crossing the Middle Income Trap (抓好社保费征收改革契机,加快跨越中等收入陷阱), Tencent Finance,
• Meng Ke & Wang Peijie, 2018, Meeting New Tests and Continuously Making New Progress in High Quality Development (应对新考验,不断取得高质量发展新进展), People's Daily – Observation (April 8).
• Meng Ke, 2017, Promoting the Benign Interaction between Social Security and Economic Development (促进社会保障与经济发展良性互动), People's Daily – Theory (March 28).

Research Projects
• Project Leader of "Ideological and Cultural Perspective of National Governance Innovation: From Traditional to Modern", the 2nd Sub-project of "Research on Modernization of National Governance and Innovation of Administrative Management System” (Major Project of the National Social Science Fund) (17ZDA104), 2018-2020.
• Project Leader of "Research on Basic Issues of Veterans" (Research Project of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs) (041510004), 2018-2019.
• Project Leader of "Research on the Coordination Mechanism of Pension, Employment and Family Policies" (The National Social Science Fund Youth Project) (16CGL045), 2016-2018.
• Project Leader of “Changes in the Relationship between China's Female Labor Participation Rate and Total Fertility Rate: Micro-basis for China's Population and Family Policy Formulation in the Era of ‘Two Children’” (Tsinghua University) (52300201216), 2016-2018.