In cooperation with renowned academic publishers in China, the Institute for International and Area Studies at Tsinghua University (IIAS) fulfills its commitment to Area Studies by publishing IIAS Series of monographs, translated works and edited works. Our publication list includes Area Studies: New Realities, New Conceptions (published in Chinese and English by China Social Sciences Press in 2019), The Global as Field Site: 10 Years of Area Studies at Tsinghua University. More than twenty other forthcoming books are also selected in the Tsinghua IIAS Series. Additionally, Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East translated by IIAS scholar has been published in 2020 by Post Wave Publishing.
In April 2022, IIAS signed a strategic partnership agreement with China Commercial Press; a co-founded editorial house has been officially launched under the agreement.


The series of IIAS Monographs brings together the doctoral theses of the doctoral program in DCS over the past ten years. It is planned to convert them into a batch of excellent academic books for publication, so as to display the young scholars’ research results.

Edited works

The series of Edited Works is a group of collective achievements compiled by young scholars of IIAS. The series mainly consists of two major categories: Tsinghua Area Studies Forum collection and field research collection. The collection of articles of the Tsinghua Area Studies Forum is a selected collection of papers presented at the Forum. The papers cover major issues in the research of Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, South Asia, Eurasia, sub Saharan Africa and West Asia and North Africa. The research questions are both historical and realistic, and have high academic value and readability. The field collection presents the thoughts and experiences during field research done by faculty and doctoral students at IIAS, depicting a touching picture of field life from the perspective of area studies researchers.

Translated works

The Series of Translated works is devoted to translating and introducing international frontier area studies research results to China. Faculty at IIAS and Students of the doctoral program in DCS lead the translation projects of more than 20 books, which will be successively published by China Social Sciences Press and Shanghai People’s publishing house in the near future.