South Asian Review


Founded in 2021, the journal of South Asian Review with Jiang Jingkui being the editor-in-chief, is published by China Encyclopedia Publishing House under the sponsorship of the Institute for International and Area Studies of Tsinghua University and the financial support of Beijing Chenxing Education Foundation. With the aim of serving the country and serving society, the journal keeps abreast of the times and is published twice a year. It carries contents related to the languages, literature, history, culture, religion, society, area and country studies, with a view of presenting the research status in the field, leading the research trend in the field, and enriching and advancing the South Asian research in China.

Volume 1 Contents

Featured Article

JIANG Jingkui Areas Studies in the New Era

South Asian Literature and Culture

XUE Keqiao Lampaka and Kapisa in the Tang Dynasty: The Exchanges between China and Afghanistan in the Seventh and Eighth Centuries
WANG Chunjing Women’s Writing in Contemporary Chinese Travelogues of India
ZHANG Lu Crossing Imaginary Boundaries:Reflections on Boundary and Colonialism in The Shadow Lines
MAO Lei A Study of the Origin of Hindi from the Perspective of Language History
KONG Liang Arab-Islamic Cultural Elements in Indo-Islamic Culture: Taking the Arabic Loanwords in Urdu as an Example
JIA Yan, YANG Tianqi Interview with Hindi Writer Geetanjali Shree, the Winner of the 2022 International Booker Prize

South Asian Society and Politics

WANG Weijun A Preliminary Study of Christian Universities (Colleges) in India: Development History, System Status and Social Influence
MA Dairui, XI Meng The Evolution, Causes and Influences of Taliban Ideology in Afghanistan
TAO Liang, LI Min America’s Aid Policy towards Pakistan during the Soviet’s War against Afghanistan
HE Yang The Atypical Behaviors of Hindu Mahasabha in 1942 and Its Ideological Motivations