Tsinghua Area Studies Forum Proceedings

Area Studies: New Realities, New Conceptions

Area Studies: New Realities, New Conceptions is the first in a series planned to be published by the Institute for International and Area Studies (IIAS) of Tsinghua University. The IIAS held its first Area Studies Forum in July 2019, with the theme of “Innovating New Approaches to Common Challenges in Asia, Africa and Latin America”. The chapters of this book have been developed from 9 papers which were presented at the Forum, to represent a range of area studies approaches and regions. The book seeks to create a link between IIAS researchers and those from elsewhere working on the Global South, and in the process to expand the boundaries of comparative area studies.

The IIAS strives to become a comprehensive area studies research institution, linked to China’s national aspirations while embracing a global perspective. It covers multiple disciplines and promotes a comparative area studies approach. It seeks to build area studies expertise based on sound academic research.

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Table of Contents

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Tim Niblock
Chapter 1Lessons from the Past, Perspectives for the Future
Tim Niblock
Chapter 2Reflections on the Challenges to the Development of Area Expertise
Graham Furniss
Chapter 3The Struggle of the Vietnamese People to Create a Unified Independent State: Theory and Practice of the Experience in the Colonial Period
Bi Shihong and Zhang Qiong
Chapter 4Ethnonationalism, Class Formation and Majority Hegemony in Postcolonial State-Building in Sri Lanka
Sisira Pinnawala
Chapter 5The Symbiosis of Individual and Society: an Anthropological Observation Regarding Tianguis in Mexico City
Li Yin
Chapter 6Ethnic and Tribal Factors in Kazakhstani Politics
Zheng Nan
Chapter 7The Road to Elite Higher Education for Brazilian Students with Low Socioeconomic Status
Zhou Yan
Chapter 8The Return of Refugees and the Reconstruction in Syria
Ibrahim Awad
Chapter 9Evaluating Special Economic Zones in South Africa: History, Performance and Challenges
Yang Chongsheng, Wang Yong, Anthony Black and Chen Meiying