Tsinghua Journal of Field Research Calls for Papers

I. About the Journal

Tsinghua Journal of Field Research is a collection of scholarly papers to be published twice a year by Springer Publishing under the auspices of the Institute for International and Area Studies (IIAS), Tsinghua University, China. Its Chinese edition, Tianye Diaocha (“Field Research”) is to be published by the Commercial Press . This bi-annual academic journal, devoted to field research that combines on-site observation, surveys and in-depth studies, will examine the field research methods and theories concerning a range of disciplines and topics, explore the long-term development path of area studies on the basis of field research that values both basic research and diversity, and contribute to area studies in a brand new way. It aims at promoting systematic and innovative research in fieldwork and providing a platform where scholars from around the world may engage in dialogue and reflect on their experience. 

The journal is positioned as a collection of papers about the methodology of area studies. It follows and discusses field research and multi-disciplinary development of area studies, and the theories, methods, ethics and case studies of field research. Giving priority to academic studies, it advocates disciplinary and methodological diversity in field research. With a focus on specific topics and from a multi-disciplinary, multi-country or cross-regional perspective, it will bring together original academic papers to provide intellectual insight into the epistemological and methodological issues concerning field research, and to promote excellence in this field of research.

The inaugural issue is scheduled to come out in the spring of 2023. We warmly welcome our peers at home and abroad to contribute to the journal or to recommend excellent papers to us. The review will be anonymous, as practiced elsewhere in the world, to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the process as well as the solid contribution of all the articles published to field research.

II. Requirements for Manuscript Submission

  1. We are looking for methodological or empirical research papers and research reviews related to field research, as well as translations of articles already published at home and abroad (including book excerpts, articles first published online) when appropriate.
  2. As a general rule, submissions need to be original research papers that have certain academic value, and contain research questions, literature review and conclusions. The questions should be clearly framed, the writing fluent and easy-to-read, the argument valid and well-reasoned, and the content in line with the journal’s requirement.
  3. For original academic papers, please provide the title, abstract and keywords, information about the author(s) and the research project concerned. The abstract should be no more than 200 words, providing a summary of key ideas from the paper and highlighting its originality. The keywords, between 3-5 in total, should capture the essence or gist of the paper. The information on authorship should include the names of all authors, their institutional affiliations, job titles or professional titles, major research areas, and the phone number and email address of the corresponding author. For research projects sponsored by a certain foundation, the project title and number shall also be provided. 
  4. For research reviews, in addition to the main body of the manuscript, you are only required to provide the following information: the institutional affiliation, job title or professional title of the author(s) and the phone number and email address of the corresponding author.
  5. Please refer to the journal’s Style and Annotation Guide for the rules of writing.
  6. Word count (including annotations): 6,000-8,000 words for English papers. 
  7. For optimal print effect, the images submitted, if any, need to be properly sized and clear (images saved as tif files of 600 dpi or editable vector graphics).

III. Notes

  1. Tsinghua Journal of Field Research is an international, peer-reviewed journal. We are resolutely against plagiarism or any other kind of academic misconduct. The manuscript submitted to our journal must not have been submitted to any other publication. 
  2. The opinions expressed in the manuscripts are those of the authors and do not represent the views of this journal. 
  3. The journal intends to permit online knowledge service platforms such as CNKI and Springer to reproduce, compile, distribute and disseminate its full text in a digital manner.
  4. The journal is bilingual in Chinese and English. For original papers, the English manuscript will be translated into Chinese for publication, and the Chinese manuscript into English; for translations of published articles, the original manuscript will not appear in this journal to avoid copyright disputes. Once the manuscript is accepted, the journal will hold the copyright on its bilingual versions, which will go to both the IIAS and the Commercial Press.
  5. We only accept submissions sent to fieldresearch@tsinghua.edu.cn. Please provide a Microsoft Word file for the manuscript and a separate file containing information about the author(s). After receiving the manuscript, we will send you a notice of receipt. If no notice of manuscript acceptance arrives within three months after submission, you are free to handle the manuscript at your discretion.

Attachment: Tsinghua Journal of Field Research Author Guidelines