Wang Tao

Wang Tao
Assistant Professor

Education: Doctoral Degree
Languages: Chinese, Russian, English, Kyrgyz

Research Fields

  • Central Asian comparative politics, Central Asian ethnic politics, nationalism

Education Background

  • 2016.09-2022.10 Ph.D. in Political Science, School of Social Sciences, Tsinghua University.
  • 2013.09-2015.06 M.A. in Translation, Russian Language Institute, Heilongjiang University.
  • 2009.09-2013.06 B.A. in Russian Language and Literature, Institute of Foreign Languages, Lanzhou University.

Academic Visiting

  • 2017.10-2018.08, 2022.01-2022.05 Visiting Scholar, Osh State University, Kyrgyzstan

Academic Achievements (in Chinese)

  • Wang Tao, “Tradition and Modernity: In Search of the ‘Nomadic Factor’ in Kyrgyz Society”, in Gao Liangmin et al. (eds.), The Global as a Field: A Tour of Tsinghua University’s Area Studies, Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2022.
  • Wang Tao, “The ‘April 28’ Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Conflict and the Dilemma of Boundary Demarcation in Central Asian States”, Area Observation, No. 2, 2021.
  • Wang Tao, “The ‘Third Revolution’: The Political Dilemma of Democratic Isolation in Central Asia from the 2020 Parliamentary Elections”, Area Observation, No. 3, 2020.
  • Wang Tao, “Strong State and Weak Society: The Severe Challenges of the New Crown Epidemic in Kyrgyzstan”, Area Observation, No. 1, 2020.

Academic Conferences

  • Wang Tao, “Kyrgyzstan’s Nation-State Building under the Dual Effects of Nationalism and Tribalism”, The 2nd Tsinghua Area Studies Forum, Beijing, July 2021.