Yang Chongsheng

Yang Chongsheng
Assistant Professor

Education: Doctoral degree
Language: Chinese, English
Email: yangchongshengthu@163.com

Yang’s research region is sub-Saharan Africa and the country of study is South Africa. His main research interests include special economic zones (SEZs), African economic history, and management theory and practice.

Journal Articles

  • WANG, Y., JIN, P. & YANG, C. 2016. Relations between the professional backgrounds of independent directors in state-owned enterprises and corporate performance. International Review of Economics & Finance, 42, 404-411.
  • ZHAO, J. & YANG, C. 2016. A Feasible Special Purpose Vehicle Model in China: Design and Implementation Risk governance & control: financial markets & institutions, 5, 66-71.
  • WANG, Y. & YANG, C. 2017. Assessing Special Economic Zones in China with the Multi-Sided Platform Model. Journal of Governance and Regulation, 6, 78-89.
  • ZHAO, J., WANG, Y., JIN, P.& YANG, C. 2017. The Optimal Managerial Incentive Mechanism for China’s Local and Central SOEs: An Empirical Study of Listed Companies. Corporate Board: Role, duties, and composition, 13(01), 79-86.
  • 王勇,杨崇圣,陈美瑛 2020. 我国园区经济的形态演进与政府作用变迁,创新与创业管理

Conference Papers and Presentations

  • WANG, Y. & YANG, C. 2016, ‘Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, How to Build an Engine for Them All? Re-thinking SEZ Development in South Africa: Lessons from China Experience Based on the Multi-Sided Platform Model’, paper was presented at the Third International Conference, hosted by the Institute of New Structural Economics, 23-24 December.
  • WANG, Y., YANG, C & CHEN M. 2019. ‘The Dominant Influential Factors of Boundary Expansion of Digital Businesses in China: A Discussion Based on the Internet Traffic’, paper was presented at 19th Conference of European Academy of Management, 25-27 June.
  • YANG, C., CHEN, M. & ZHANG, WEI. 2019. ‘Special Economic Zones in South Africa: Historical Context, Spatial Intervention, and Zone Performance’, paper was presented at 19th Conference of European Academy of Management, 25-27 June.
  • WANG, Y., YANG, C & CHEN M. 2020. ‘Transformation of the government role in the development of special economic zones in China’, presented at 20th Conference of European Academy of Management, December, 2020.

Chapters in Books

  • BLACK, A. & YANG, C. 2021, South Africa’s Special Economic Zones as destinations for Chinese investment: Problems and possibilities, Chris Alden & Yu-Shan Wu (eds): A South Africa Relationship: A Partnership of Paradoxes, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • YANG, C., WANG, Y., BLACK, A. & CHEN M. 2020. Chapter 10: Evaluating Special Economic Zones in South Africa: History, Performance and Challenges, Tim Niblock, Yang Guang & Zhou Yan (eds): Area Studies: New Realities, New Conceptions, China Social Sciences Press, Beijing.
  • 杨崇圣,王勇,Anthony Black,陈美瑛. 《地区研究:新现实与新构想》,主编:蒂姆·尼布洛克,杨光,周燕,中国社会科学出版社,2020年。

Other Publications

  • 徐恪、王勇、李沁.《赛博新经济——“互联网+”的新经济时代》. 清华大学出版社发行部. 2016年。