Zhou Qing’an

Zhou Qing’an
Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua

Associate Dean of School of Journalism and Communication, Full-time Research Fellow of International Center for Communication and Director of Public Diplomacy Research Office, Tsinghua University. PhD from Tsinghua University in 2006. Focus on global public diplomacy, media and foreign policy analysis, China's national image and international public opinion evaluation. Also an international commentary columnist for many domestic media.

Prof. Zhou serves as Deputy Dditor-in-chief of Global Media Journal (Chinese), Deputy Director of the Himalayan Institute of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, Deputy Director of Master of International Journalism and Communication Program at Tsinghua University, Special Researcher of the Foreign Communication Research Center of China Foreign Languages Bureau, Director of China Blue Ocean International Communication Promotion Association, Secretary-General of the Global Forum on Communication and Non-Traditional Security and Researcher of "Media and Global Change Forum" in Salzburg. He was Visiting Scholar to the U.S. State Department in 2008. Author of Soft Power and Global Communication (软力量与全球传播) and Editor-in-chief of China Global Communication and Non-Traditional Security Report 2009. Published more than 30 papers in academic journals at home and abroad.

Director of the Department of International Herald Leader at Xinhua News Agency, 2002-2005. Currently special commentator for CCTV and China Radio International. Special commentator and columnist for leading media, including Beijing News, Southern Metropolis Daily and Guangzhou Daily. Published more than 1,800 news comments. Special commentator for CCTV, including North Korea News World, News Studio, Oriental Time and Space, Global Vision and Common Concern, July 2009-present.


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  • Beyond the Visible Borders: The Academic Perspective of China's Non-traditional Security and Mass Communication, Non-traditional Threats and China's National Security Policy, 3rd Forum on Contemporary Chinese Political Studies, Paris, France, June 2010
  • Who are They and Who are We: US Image in Chinese Culture, July 2010, Woodrow Wilson Center, Kissinger Institute of US-China Relations Seminar, The U.S. And China: Mutual Public Perceptions
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  • Western Parliament and Public Diplomacy (西方议会与公共外交), Public Diplomacy Quarterly, 3, 2010

Research Projects

Assisted in leading "Public Diplomacy and Foreign Publicity” (National Social Science Fund) in 2005. Led "Research on the History of Post-War US Public Diplomacy towards China” (Tsinghua University Asian Research Fund Youth Project) in 2008. Led several national image and public opinion evaluation projects commissioned by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee and the Information Office of the State Council. Participated a number of projects, including "Research on International Reports of Olympic Host Cities" (February 2008), "Political Communication and the Construction of China's National Image" (Tsinghua University 985 Project), "Western Soft Power Research on China" (Beijing Social Science Fund, 2004) and "Research on China's Public Communication Strategy" (Tsinghua University Asia Fund Project, 2004).

Participate in the evaluation of press conferences of the Information Office of the State Council and the training of press spokesmen at all levels in China, 2002-present. Lead lecturer of the Workshop for Press Spokesmen of the Information Office of the State Council and the Advanced Workshop on Global Communication. Participate in the international public opinion assessment of the Information Office of the State Council and invited to participate in the special public opinion assessment and press release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and other ministries, 2003-present.


News Review, Theory and Practice of Public Diplomacy